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Publishing Redefined 

Having started this publishing house in 2023, we are admittedly new to the arduous process feared by all writers that comes after writing. Publishing. However, what we lack in experience, we make up for in dedication to storytellers and stories.


For too long, the entrenched rules of traditional publishing has prevented stories from being told, voices from being heard, and readers from reading what they enjoy most. Now, through self-publishing, artists have control of how, when, and where their work will be experienced. Finally, a renaissance.

Fostering this renaissance is Red Pants Press' mission. We promote storytelling. We offer opportunities for new writers to navigate their own course in this global economy. We fight to give readers more access to stories, to ideas, to inspiration.

Storytelling is the past, present, and future. Shouldn't we all have a right to make our mark through the written word? Shouldn't we all have a right to share our journeys—and, in turn, help others realize their own?

Welcome to Red Pants Press—a publishing house and blog for stories, art, and ideas. Please contact us for more information.

Published Works

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