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Twenty Tiny (but Mighty) Ways you can Take Back your Life and Seize the Day

Updated: Feb 23

20 eccentric ways to add a little pizzaz to your life! |

Written by Daniel T. Dodaro

(1) Tell a stranger a secret you would never dare tell a friend or family member.

(2) Climb a tree.

(3) Make a snow angel on a clear night and gaze up at the stars.

(4) Take off your shoes and socks. Wiggle your toes in the grass.

(5) Get a temporary tattoo in an undisclosed location and chuckle to yourself at your own petty secret.

(6) Face the wrong way in an elevator inside a corporate office building.

(7) Blow bubbles in a socially unacceptable situation.

(8) Play wall ball against yourself. And lose.

(9) Dance alone in an empty room.

(10) Sit in a chair that is either too abnormally big or too abnormally small for your rear.

(11) Leave the spider you find in your room alone; try to change your perspective by viewing it as a roommate instead of a frightening adversary.

(12) Find a wishing well and make a genuine, good faith wish.

(13) Ask a waiter to bring you their favorite menu item rather than ordering for yourself.

(14) Challenge an elderly stranger to a game of chess in the park (bring a folding chess board).

(15) Trace an old gravestone with paper and crayon (grave rubbing).

(16) Search for a four-leaf clover in a rolling field.

(17) Bury treasure and/or circulate a message in a bottle in a large body of water (preferably, an ocean).

(18) Go to a Barnes & Nobles and sniff books noisily. Do this directly in front of strangers.

(19) Build a pillow fort and/or challenge someone to a pillow-fight.

(20) Go to a library at night, lie on the floor between shelves, and stare up at the books.

(21) Bonus: Make a list of ways you can take back your life and seize the day.

This article was written by Daniel T. Dodaro, the author of Death, the Gardener.

All stories begin and end with a question. It is up to each and every one of us to discover what that question is.

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