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Welcome to Red Pants Press!

We at Red Pants Press, a Boutique Publishing House and Blog, do not take stories lightly. Stories are memories of prior adventures and inspirations for adventures to come. And what is life without a little adventure?

Hidden paths. Mountainous halls. Overgrown forests. Windy plains. When we think of stories, we think of places still left to be uncovered — secrets buried deep and the perilous journeys calling us to unearth them. Red Pants Press is a publishing house founded on this idea. Our goal is to elicit feelings of longing: feelings that remind us that the world is big, mysterious, and free to explore. We seek solace in fairytales, fantasies, and fiction. We adore books that involve travel, nature, whimsy, philosophy, and mysticism. Above all else, however, we yearn for strong characters navigating outlandish, unique worlds to find their hearth and home. 


The Red Pants Press Blog was created to celebrate stories and storytellers alike. Our content explores fascinating books, captivating media, stimulating ideas, delicious food, and unique places. We enjoy diving into enchanting topics that pique our interest and win our hearts.


The Red Pants Press Gallery, the newest segment of our website, showcases unique works of art and design.  

This is a home to adventurers, solivagants, wanderers, hermits, and nomads alike. Join us on the adventure!

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